Anniversary gift for her


When you think of an anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend, you probably think of something tangible. The truth is that you are not wrong. She will appreciate having a gift she can see and touch and hold close to her heart. But you know what she would enjoy more? The little things you do! Simple things such as cooking her favourite meal show her that you are willing to go the extra mile. So, as you work hard on finding the necklace that accentuates her style or that proposal ring, here are some ideas to help:

Wining and Dining

Romantic wine dinner by a couple

Often, people make reservations on their anniversary nights and spend the occasion at a fancy restaurant. There is no wrong way to wine and dine your lady. And if this works, you can go for it, only that you can add a twist to it. Instead of going out, how about you spend the night at home? You can dress up as a chef, make her favourite meals and hand her a menu. She can sit as you wait on her and serve her lots of wine and good food. If your cooking skills are not that good, you can hire an actual chef for the occasion.

Some pointers, in this case, are her favourite meals, restaurants, what she often eats and what she’s been dying to eat. If you can recreate what she had on your first date or wedding day, you will come out on top.

A Helping Hand

How often do you help around the house? In most homes, there is a division of labour. You handle some things, and she handles the rest. In most cases, you will find that she does most of the work, giving you an easy time. There is a lot you can do to help her with this. For one, you can take over all the tasks on your anniversary day or week. She can have a turn sitting on the sofa and going through magazines as you scrub the floors. Or you can hire help to assist with the chores, children and other tasks. This time spent away from this work will enable you to see another side of your special lady.


Now, this is off from what most people do on their anniversaries. Often, people will buy a bunch of flowers and add a card to the gift set. It works, and you can see her eyes light up on receiving the bouquet. However, you can go a step further by giving her the entire garden. That’s right. Instead of giving her one rose flower each year, plant a rose bush. You can then make it a thing such that each year, you plant another bush for her. Over time, she will have a garden of love which she will cherish day in day out.


Giving a ring as a gift for her

Is an anniversary quite complete without a statement piece for your partner? Well, there are two ways you can go about this. The first is to get her that stone she has been talking about for a long while now. She may have shown it to you, hinted about it or communicated in another way. The second option is to get a jeweller to customize a piece for her, based on the anniversary gift year. Take an example of a forty-year anniversary. The stone, in this case, would be ruby and you can have this in her piece. Plus, you can kill two birds with one stone by matching her ideal gift with a personal touch. You can design the ring, add her initials or other such gestures that will mean the world to her.

Getting Away

When is the last time your partner had some time to break away from the norm? Getting away does not mean that you have to break the bank. You can even plan one day where she does not do any work and spends the day in a hotel. Here, she can get her nails and makeup done, get a massage, order room service and watch TV all day. Spending this time with her would enable you to connect on a deeper level. If time and money are on your side, you can plan a week-long vacation to one of her favourite destinations. What a unique way to celebrate your love!

Giving Her Space

You know your girlfriend or wife best, and you know how she likes to recharge. If she would rather have one day to herself with no kids and chores, that would be the ideal gift to her. Most times, women feel overwhelmed by the tasks cut out for them. They wish someone could whisk them away on a moment’s notice to a place where these responsibilities do not exist. Be that person for her this year.

Gifts are not always tangible. Sometimes, they come in the form of gestures that mean a lot to the recipients. Find your special lady’s soft spot and invest in that. Happy anniversary!